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May 15

Google Expected to Start a Competitor to Spotify -

May 11

Surely you will be saved one day | -

I wrote this post at the end of 2012, and then hesitated over whether to publish it. It felt too honest and raw and I don’t normally blog about my business or entrepreneurship. But I’ve drawn strength from other startup founders sharing their experiences fighting depression so I’m sharing the following in case it might help someone else.

May 09

Christopher Sutton -

Apr 30

All Things Swingle: Brand new #swingle50 track debuts on BBC radio! -


Today we’re thrilled to share a first glimpse of the brand new music we’ve been writing and recording for our #swingle50 project. ‘Piper’ was played on BBC Radio 3’s ‘The Choir’ hosted by our own Clare Wheeler - the full show is available here, and you can hear us at 26.50.

50 years ago, a…

Great new track from the Swingles!

Apr 28

Did you know BMW's door click had a composer? It's Emar Vegt, an aural designer (Wired UK)

BBC News - House concerts bring magical music into front rooms -

House concerts taking off in the UK! Awesome. (via @solobasssteve)

Feb 07

The New Draft National Curriculum for Music | Jonathan Savage

Music is a universal language and every pupil should have the opportunity to become fluent. A high-quality music education should provide all pupils with the opportunity to sing and to learn a musical instrument. Pupils should leave school with an appreciation of how music is composed and performed, allowing them to listen with discrimination and judgement to the best in the musical canon.

This seems like a step in the right direction.

Feb 05

"A Cappella - As if by Magic" by Emily Dankworth

The day that I went to my first rehearsal was the day that my life changed. I’m not exaggerating. I discovered that every single note you sing is not only the foundation of the song, but also crucial towards the success of its sound. An A Cappella group is completely reliant on you, and you on it. Tonality-wise and emotionally, if one person falls down, everyone is going to fall down. You simply have to be strong enough – and in both respects - to pull yourselves back up.
So what can you do to get a taste of what I am attempting to portray? I would absolutely advise anyone who has a love of music and the voice to try forming an A Cappella group and reap in the rewards. Find an arranger, ask them to write you something, just see what happens. The sound of six voices (in Vive’s case) that blend together to reach a place that is only attainable if you are all completely in the zone is unlike any other. It gives me a high, an adrenaline rush, an extreme sensation of pleasure which no other form of music has managed to deliver.

Reflections on the tremendous benefits of singing a cappella from Emily Dankworth of the formiddable VIVE

Jan 27

Nicola Benedetti: Social media is “a natural addition to life as a musician”

The commitment of time [for tweeting etc.] is to the bigger picture of being determined to communicate with people, not just relying on an existing format and tradition and the institutions to do that for you, it’s to take it into your own hands and be determined to break those barriers a little bit. It’s something that the public want and re looking for now, a closer and more personal connection with the people they are watching play.

And I’m more than happy to do that, because I feel what we do doesn’t exist without those people.

Listen to the rest of the interview here


Like James Rhodes, Nicola Benedetti does a great job of connecting the traditional world of classical music with the modern, fan-engaging world of music creation.

Previously on "Can classical music engage modern music fans?"

Jan 17

5 attention grabbing audio tricks

Loud noises attract our attention and these days adverts and brands are screaming at us from every angle to take notice. Consumers are overloaded, so it’s time to look at some slightly more cunning ways to get the attention of the public and get your message out there using the power of audio.


Some nice ideas here.